Trans girls ARE girls: Our girls. Let’s look after them.

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As a cis-woman, I may have no right to an opinion. As a human being who has been a teen and taught teens for 25 years, I think my observations about children and adolescents may be meaningful to someone, somewhere.

I have taught thousands of teenagers in the last 25 years and have observed the miracle of human diversity and complexity in every class and every student. At the same time, I have also seen how devastating adolescence can be and how difficulties are often compounded for LBGTQIA2S+ students. An…

In the era of #metoo and #yesallwomen, Thelma and Louise still sends a powerful message and maybe could save younger women the way it saved me so long ago.

Artwork by Clay Banks

Last week, my Mom and I laughed and cried our way through Thelma and Louise in honour of its 30th anniversary. I don’t know if it was Louise growling that “you get what you settle for,” or that final defiant drive off the cliff, but I know that movie saved my life.

Three decades ago I was 21 years old and fighting poverty, incest, abuse and depression. After watching Thelma and…

In a world where everything is infinite, only your attention is limited and precious.

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The Most Precious Commodity: Your Attention

In 1997, the year I got my first email address, Michael W. Goldhaber proposed that the new economy of the future would be based on a currency of consumer attention. He called it the “Attention Economy.” We live in a world filled with infinite quantities of information and Goldhaber’s ideas make more and more sense as technology takes over more and more of our lives. …

Privileged North American males are bigger bullshitters than other Anglophone groups around the world. Why do we reward and encourage them?

Photo by Mark Vegas on Flickr

Last week, I was reminded of the “bullshit” phenomenon at work. The new CEO called a meeting, in order to meet all of us. He introduced himself and asked if we had any questions. Dozens of responsible, hard-working employees smiled up mutely at him from behind their masks. After an awkward moment of silence, a couple of employees piped up. Both of them could only be described, even by the most charitable onlooker, as lazy complainers. One fabulously slothful…

Clay Banks

Feminist writer, traveler, teacher & runner. I have a B.A., B.Ed. & M.A. and decided, for my 50th birthday, to finally write for fun.

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